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Pioneer High School

Welcome to Dr. Bedolla 's website

THANK YOU for taking the time to visit my page.  Please remember, we are all experiencing CHAOS together.  If you ever need additional help, please DO NOT forget, make an appointment for office hours, email me, call me.  I hope one day we return to "normality" but until then, you are NEVER alone and I'm here if you need help! I can't wait to spark your interest and watch you flourish! 
If you are a parent, please email me,, Gladly, I will invite you to see your student's progress through a google classroom email.    
"Be the Change you Wish to see in the world" -Ghandi  
Office hours:  Tuesday-Friday
                                 1:30-2:30 pm 
                                                                   No Office hours on Mondays!!!
The time slots are 10 minutes per slot-if you think you need more time, please take a maximum of 2 slots at one time.