Mrs. Cortes-RSP Case Manager

Period 1 Algebra 1DM
Period 2 Conference
Period 3 Study Skills
Period 4 RSP Support-Algebra 1 10/12 with Mrs. Johnson
Period 5 Study Skills
Period 6 RSP Support-Biology with Mr. Rizo
Dear Parents, 
As your child's case manager, I will be monitoring the progress of your child in his or her classes and communicating with instructors if there is a problem.  If there is a problem in one of your child's classes, my advice is to email the instructor and if you need further assistance, please email me.  Please allow sufficient time for instructors to respond as they will be dealing with as many as 180 students and their parents. For my Algebra 1 class, packets were distributed to students on Friday, March 13th. The packet included the assignments for Unit 6B and should be completed by Friday, April 3rd as a review for the unit test projected to be given the following week. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at any time and I will do my best to get back to you.
Thank you, 
Mrs. Cortes
Algebra 1-Period 1 Students, please find the PDF assignments below. Let's put a hold on the packet that I passed out to you before school was out and review some important Algebra concepts. You can chose to print the assignments, write the answers on a separate sheet or paper, or record your answers on a google doc and share it with me. Please complete the assignments in the following order:
Wednesday 3/18 One Step Equations
Friday 3/20 Two Step Equations with Notes
Monday 3/30 Two Step Equations
Wednesday 4/1 Multi-Step Equations
Friday 4/3 Combining Like Terms
Monday 4/6 Graphing Lines