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Pioneer High School

Online Learning Resources

Here are some great resources for our teens... 
* Typing Club  
        Our classroom specific URL is
        Username is the student's first name
        Password is pioneer
       This website has educational games sorted by grade level. 
      - A website with access to digital reading passages (fiction and non-fiction). Student can have
        the passages read to them. Each passage has a picture with the article title
      - Go to
      - Enter our class code NJUFSY
      - The default password is 1234 - students can reset the password. 
      - Students can complete the articles I've assigned or look in the library for titles they like. 
      - Accessible online math practice worksheets
      - Click on Pre-Made worksheets button a drop-down menu will open. Click on the grade you (start at kindergarten or 1st grade). 
      - Click on the skill you want to practice.  A pop-up menu will open, under options click "Online fill-in" and the student can complete the
        the worksheet online.
    - Fun interactive videos to get kids moving (and adults) with educational topics
* News 2 You 
   - News 2 You articles and worksheets will be posted as assignments - click on the link under the Classes section. 


Head to Google Classroom for all your assignments

Please check your student email accounts for the links to join our classroom.  Please call or email me if you have any concerns.  Thanks, Mrs. H.