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Pioneer High School

Mr. Kamayatsu's Information Page and Link to Google Classroom for Study Skills

Period  Course Link to Google Classroom
1 Study Skills-M  Google Classroom
2 Support-English 2 (Mr. Wright)  
3 Support- World Civ (Mrs. Miramontes)  
4 Study Skills-M Google Classroom
5 Support-English 2 (Mr. Contreras)  
6 Conference/Athletics   
Dear Parents, 
As your child's case manager, I will be monitoring the progress of your child in his or her classes and communicating with instructors if there is a problem.  If there is a problem in one of your child's classes, my advice is to email the instructor and if you need further assistance, please email me.  Please allow the instructor sufficient time for instructors to respond as they will be dealing with as many as 180 students and their parents. 
Thank you, 
Mr. Kamayatsu 
Class Codes for Google Classroom 
Period 1 (qdbma34)
Period 4(fik3zsa)

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