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Pioneer High School

Titans Showcase STEM Skills at Science Cup

About 20 of Pioneer High School’s brightest science students put their knowledge to the test on March 1, when they constructed Rube Goldberg machines, built lamp-powered water heaters, designed and built skeeball catapults and competed in a science quiz bowl during the second annual WUHSD Science Cup.

Approximately 20 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students from each comprehensive high school competed at the Sierra Education Center gym.

Although the team did not take home the prized Science Cup, Pioneer finished third in the catapult skeeball and Rube Goldberg machine challenges.

“By having the whole District come together in the interest of science and engineering, students are part of something special,” said Pioneer High School physics/chemistry teacher, Matt Murray, who helped create the event. “Students sometimes rule themselves out as STEM candidates, but through this fun event, they can see that it’s achievable.”

Each school created or expanded its science club and spent time practicing for each activity, sometimes meeting on weekends, creating leagues or developing makerspaces.

During the event, all teams were given the same time limit and supplies to build their projects and were guided by science club advisers, including Murray.