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2020-2021 Courses
AP Psychology
AP US Government and Politics
U.S. History
1 - AP US Government and Politics
3 - AP US Government and Politics
5 - U.S. History
2 - AP Psychology
4 - AP Psychology
6 - AP Psychology
Hey there! If you’re curious about a summer assignment, you may be in luck, I don’t have one. It’s not something I personally subscribe to. 

With that said, If you are in AP U.S. Politics and Government there are three things you may want to start doing.

1 - Paying attention to the national news. There is a lot going on, in fact there always is. If you have questions about what you read email me. Don’t just read one source, find several. I have some links you may want to start with under News Sources. I hate to burst your bubble but social media isn’t a reliable news source.
2 - Checkout It may be a bit overwhelmingly at first, but it is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to our American media.
3 - If you have a cellphone subscribe to theskimm. I’d use your school email for the subscription and make sure you don’t pay anything for it. It’s a free mini news letter that comes Monday-Friday.  Again, just pay attention to the national stuff.
i look forward to teaching and learning from all of you this fall.