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Ceramics Motherboard

Welcome to Pioneer High School Ceramics!
This is a fundamental course in three-dimensional clay construction. The first semester explores primary building processes including pinch, coil, slab, core mold, and drape projects, through study of historical/cultural ceramic art. (Strand 2,Strand 3) Use of the potter’s wheel is presented as an optional technique. The second semester provides opportunity to explore variations on basic skills and techniques, broaden self-awareness, expression and self-evaluation. (Strand 5) All projects cumulative in class discussion and analysis of learned materials. (Strand 4)
Advanced Ceramics
This course offers the student the opportunity for development of deeper interest and greater technical skills, it allows the student to explore further areas of ceramics as well as personal and cultural development through art. (Strand 2, Strand 3). There is also an opportunity to explore glaze techniques and chemistry (Strand 5).

“It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes.” -Joseph Conrad



Period 1, Rm. L-1        Ceramics

Period 2, Rm. L-1         District

Period 3, Rm. L-1        Ceramics

Period 4, Rm. L-1    Conference

Period 5, Rm. L-1        Ceramics

Period 6, Rm. L-1         Ceramics



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