Scholarship Information

Expanded Horizons is where students come to find scholarship applications throughout the year. Please check in and follow us on Google Classroom and Instagram: phs_expandedhorizons to stay up to date for when there are Local Scholarships


***If you have any questions about the scholarships or would like Ms. Sedillo to review/edit your essay responses before turning them in, please email her at*** 

Use the link below to access scholarships listed for the whole '22-'23 School year.
Need Scholarship Letters of Recommendation? Fill out this Brag Sheet 
Senior Brag Sheet
Community Service Opportunities
Are you looking for ways to:
  • Give back to the community?
  • Improve social skills?
  • Help others become aware of social issues?
  • Be trained & acquire a new skill?
  • Bulk up your college & scholarship applications?
Check out the information below, choose an organization to partner up with & get started with giving back!