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Commencement Etiquette

The Commencement exercise is a formal academic ceremony. We ask that all guests respect the ceremony, graduates and other guests by behaving in the dignified manner that the occasion merits. Here are some guidelines to assist you:

Graduate Etiquette
  • Graduating seniors should arrive to the gym at 4:30 p.m. and are not permitted to bring any type of electronic devices to the ceremony. This includes cell phones and cameras. Graduating students found in possession of cell phones and/or cameras or any other electronic device will not be allowed into the check-in area.
  • Graduates may NOT wear any leis, stoles, etc. EXCEPT those issued by Pioneer High School (eg. ASB, Puente, AVID, etc)
  • Students who arrive after the commencement procession (5:45p.m.) has begun will not be allowed to participate.
  • Graduates are expected to remain in their seats throughout the entire ceremony, except when approaching the stage to receive their diploma cover or when asked to do so (Star-Spangled Banner & Presentation of the Class). Out of respect for everyone having their names called, all students are expected to remain quietly seated until the end of the ceremony or when instructed to do so.
  • Graduates should NOT throw their caps; to do so is dangerous
Guest Etiquette
  • Plan to arrive at least an hour before the ceremony, and allow ample time to find parking and seating.
  • Balloons or Poster Signs are PROHIBITED in the stadium. Guest should turn off or silent their cellular phones and other electronic equipment to help ensure that all guests can hear and enjoy the ceremony.
  • Students and guests should avoid all unnecessary conversation and movement during the exercises.
  • Noisemakers (airhorns, cowbells, etc) are PROHIBITED; these items will be confiscated by security personnel monitoring the event. Individuals who engage in inappropriate or disruptive behavior may be removed from the event.
  • All spectators (ages 3 and up) must have a ticket. Children should be seated with a responsible adult. All guests are asked to limit their movement during the ceremony, as going in and out of the ceremony is distracting to everyone. Do NOT bring strollers, carseats or other babycarriers.
  • Commencement begins with the academic procession. The audience is asked to rise as the procession enters and remain standing until the platform party has taken its place and Star Spangled Banner concluded. Students will be led into their seats by designated faculty.
  • Please remain silent during the awarding of diplomas. Please express your excitement in ways that will not prevent others from hearing the speaker and enjoying the ceremony.
  • Please remain in your seats for the duration of the ceremony until after the recessional. Please do not block the aisles or passageways by attempting to greet or take photos with graduates. After the ceremony you will be allowed to enter the field for pictures.
The points listed above are meant to ensure that our graduates and guests have the most enjoyable day possible.