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ASB Financial Forms for Faculty and Staff

  • Tips for Club Advisors and Coaches on ASB procedures
  • Any questions please call Ashley Magallanes, (562) 698-8121 ext 5016
  • Form is required for all fundraising activities held for any club or athletic team
  • Fundraiser must be approved before it begins and/or any promotion of fundraiser 
  • Once approved fundraiser will then be put on the Master calendar 
  • For events needed to be put an PHS Master Calendar 
  • All events will need to be approved by the AP B & A and ASB
  • Once approved by ASB advisor/coach will receive an email notification
  • Fieldtrip events will not need to fill out a calendar request but will need to follow the Fieldtrip request process
  • All clubs must submit Club application each school year
  • Must upload a complete club charter to application