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Incoming Freshman Need to Know

Welcome Future Titan! We are excited to welcome you into our Titan Family! Please read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and follow the next steps outline if you interested in competing for our Athletic programs. 
- When do practices start for incoming Freshman?
All incoming Freshman may begin participation on the first day of summer school of their incoming Freshman year. The athletic clearance website with an uploaded physical must be submitted and approved before student may practice or play. 
- How do I get cleared to participate in a Sport? What is the athletic clearance website?
After the first Monday in May of your incoming Freshman year, you will have access to create an account on the athletic clearance website. Create an account: Please remember your username and password, we use this website every year. Please DO NOT use your middle school email address, once you promote you do not have access to it. Use an appropriate personal email address.  A physical expires in a year, remember each school year we will need a new physical uploaded to the athletic clearance website. Everything is submitted online, please do not submit any paperwork to offices or coaches. 
- If I play a sport, do I earn PE credit? How do I get an Athletic period?
During 8th grade registration, all incoming Freshman should select PE as an Elective. Once try-outs and team rosters are submitted by Coaches to Counselors, Counselors will make the schedule change to an Athletic period. A student may not be placed in the Athletic period if not on the team roster.
How do I contact a Coach for a sport I am interested in?
Go to the Athletic Staff and Head Coaches tab on the right. Under the sport chart, you will see a click here button that will provide a handout with all our programs Coaches email. 
Are my grades important to play a sport?
Absolutely, YES!  All STUDENT ATHLETES must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to participate on any of our sport teams. Each Quarter grading report reflects a students eligibility. The Athletic Director will notify students and coaches of their eligibility status. We are developing STUDENT ATHLETES and support academic and athletic expectations. 
1. Make a Physical appointment with your doctor in May/June and have it ready to upload to the athletic clearance website. 
2. Contact Coach of the sport interested in and find out Summer/Fall practice dates and time.
3. After the first Monday of May, complete the athletic clearance website and upload physical to site. Once cleared, you are eligible to practice with the team. You will receive an email when cleared. 
If you have any questions please reach out to the Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Director and/or the B&A Secretary. Information can be found on the Athletic Staff and Head Coach tab to the right.