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Varsity Letterman Jacket Info.

Varsity Letterman Qualifications:
  • Must have purchased an ASB card for $50 (need to purchase each year to receive bars)
  • Must participate on a Varsity team and commit to the program for the entire season to qualify and late additions must be a part of the team for a minimum of half the season.
  • First year Varsity player receives: The P patch & sport emblem
  • Year 2-4 on Varsity: A single bar
  • Other award patches are purchased on your own (All league, CIF, sport numbers, etc.)
  • May not duplicate The P patch, sport emblem, bar and scholar athlete patch. Those are provided by the school only.
Recommended stores that patches and Letterman Jackets may be purchased: Store Location and Contact Numbers

Although not required, students are encouraged to purchase an ASB card in the Business and Activities Office for $50.00. This fee is used to pay for uniforms, officials, certificates, athletic letters & equipment. Investment in the purchase of an ASB Card will save you money on dances, admission to most games, evening activities, the yearbook, formal dances, and much more.