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Pioneer High School


Pioneer High School has 4 computer labs (English lab(H5), ROP lab (C5), Design lab (L13), Horizons (C9), 1 Student Lab (H13). For faculty reservations of the student lab, please contact Brian Reyes at Ext. 5417. There are PCs, Apple Macbooks & iPads, Dell laptops, and Chromebooks available for student use. All technology is serviced and maintained by our technician, Art Siegrist.  

All students at PHS Campus receive their own individual network log-on with a personal Google Account for student work to be stored and accessed from any computing device. Students can also access the student Wi-Fi network using their log-in information. Faculty members receive E-Mail accounts to stay in close contact with concerned parents, as well as students who wish additional after hours assistance or advice. Faculty use different software and programs such as Remind, Aeries Loop, and Gmail to keep an open line of communication

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