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Summer School 2024

1.  How can I find out if I am enrolled?
  • All students registered for summer school will receive an Aeries communication call and an email. Students currently enrolled in Pioneer will also receive a physical notification the week of 5/31/2024.
2.  Is there still space in Summer School 2024 at PHS?
  • Yes but space is limited. We also have the Dual Enrollment Program courses through Rio Hondo College and courses through the Rio Hondo Math Academy. Students may contact the following people to enroll:
    • REGULAR SUMMER SCHOOL - Contact your counselor. Incoming freshmen may visit the school website to identify their counselor.
    • RIO HONDO DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSES - Contact Karen Verduzco at [email protected]
    • RIO HONDO MATH ACADEMY-  Please contact the Rio Hondo Math Academy at (562) 222-1482 if you have any questions.
3.  Which classes are available for incoming freshmen?
  • Incoming freshmen can enroll in:  Art 1 (AVID only),  HS 101, ROP FAST, Geometry (with recommendation), Rio Hondo Dual Enrollment Classes, or Math Academy courses.
  • Incoming freshmen should contact their counselor for registration information.
4.  Is transportation available during the summer?
  • Yes, transportation is available. Click below to view bus schedule.