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Senior Contract

Whittier Union High School District

Whittier, California

As a senior you have many activities to look forward to over the year, including graduation. Seniors though have the responsibility for setting the standard of behavior on campus and at school events. To ensure that this year is a great one it is important that you (and your parents) understand the school rules and expectations and the consequences of not following those rules. Your signature at the bottom of this letter will confirm that you have read the school rules and are committed to following those rules. Lets take a moment to highlight some of the behavior expectations for you.
  1. Attending your classes on time every day is expected. All major school activities, including Winter Formal, Sadie Hawkins, Prom, etc., will require all unexcused absences or truancies to be cleared by attending Saturday School before you will be allowed to purchase tickets or attend.
  2. If you violate a school rule that results in a transfer to another district school you will be transferred FOR THE REST OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR. This means that you will not be allowed to participate in any senior activities, including graduation at your home school.

    Although violation of any school rule if serious enough such as fighting, assault or any behavior that compromises the safety and security of the school could result in a transfer, here are a few that will DEFINITELY result in a transfer.
    • Possession, use, or under the influence of drugs, including paraphernalia, or alcohol.
    • Possession of a weapon or dangerous object of any kind
    • 2nd Fight
Please remember that you are responsible for following school rules on the way to and from school, at school, and at any school activity, including sporting events and dances on or off campus.

Youve made it this far! Lets finish strong with a great senior year!!

I have read this letter and understand my responsibilities as a Senior at Pioneer High School:
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