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Programming 2022-2023

Let's Choose Your Classes for the 2022-2023 School Year!
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Class of 2023

Counselor Presentation:  Thursday, February 3rd and Friday, February 4th during English classes; Meet with counselors Thursday, February 10th and Friday, February 11th during English classes

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  2. Course Selection Sheet (click here)

Class of 2024

Counselor Presentation:  Thursday, February 17th and Friday, February 18th during English classes

Class of 2025

Counselor Presentation:  Thursday, March 3rd and Friday, March 4th during English classes

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  2. How to select your courses tutorial (click here)
  3. How to select your courses tutorial video (click here)

Class of 2026

  1. Course Selection Sheet (click here)

Counselors visited our partner schools the week of March 14.  Course selection sheets were distributed to students then.  If you did not receive a Course Selection Sheet, please contact our Guidance Office at (562) 698-8121 ext. 5030 for additional information.


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